Che hit hard

        Julián Rodríguez Márquez (1925-2010), historian of the Foundry Pablo Valdespino, said that on September 22, 1964, an inter-trade competition was held there, with the participation of the workers of other foundries of the Ferrosa Metallurgical Company. In it participated the Commander Ernesto Che Guevara with the Red Brigade of the Ministry of Industry. While […]

A special surprise

From 14 to 22 October this year will take place one of the most important events in the world in the student and youth field. This is the XIX edition of the World Festival of Youth and Students (FMJE), which, this time, will be based in the Russian city of Sochi. This event takes place […]

The Last!

It is known as an ephemeris to the outstanding events that occurred on the day of the date, but in previous years. Although it is not essential to know them all by heart, it is good to at least know what is commemorated in the days that have marked the history of humanity. On the […]