Nelson Domínguez: 70th anniversary

Born in 1947, Contramaestre, Santiago de Cuba. Nelson Domínguez has been creating for more than 40 years. Nelson: painting and graphics in Mayabeque is a personal exhibition that hosts the Art Gallery of the capital from Saturday 2 and until October 15, serving as a pretext to the teacher to start the day celebrating his seventy birthday.

The inauguration of the exhibition was attended by Abel Prieto Jiménez, Minister of Culture and Miguel Barnet, president of UNEAC, among other personalities of cuban culture.

The exhibit is different, but it does not lose its line and his personal seal, where the use of recurring themes in his work such as intimacy of the couple, animals or friendship, make up his inner universe far away there in his natal Baire, Sierra Maestra, who have not made him change neither fashions nor trends, nor the market itself, his way of finding in the simplest sense the complex; especially in the use of elements as rudimentary as coal, manufactured vegetable papers, synthesis where lies precisely its greatness.

In every stroke of his, he encloses the whole force of his creation, as if he worked his own life, his own world, with a high rigor in visuality the same in engraving, painting, sculpture or drawing.

Nelson, National Prize of Plastic Arts 2009, feels indebted to the work of the great masters of Cuban painting, I heard him say in an opportunity.

Therefore, thinking about the future does not take away the dream, the constant search, the dissatisfaction more than the complacency as a companion, distrusting, to the satiety, of the little or much that it has achieved, and, at the end it already said it: history will say the last word.

Translation: Naylet Santiago Dominguez

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