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Federated from Madruga held a fruitful exchange on Wednesday at the textile workshop Ana Betancourt in the town of Aguacate, in honor of International Women's Day and recalling who has been the main leader of political and state actions to materialize full access of women Cuban women to their rights, Vilma Espín.

The debate was about the work of the organization and its projection in the community, as well as important issues such as prevention and confrontation to social indiscipline, gender and interfamily violence.

Also, two companions of the entity were recognized for their work results and contributions to the Federation, Idaisi Caridad Montero Centelles and Dayamí Pérez Barros. “We are committed to carrying forward the legacy of the Historical Leader of the Revolution from our combat trenches, as well as comply with productive plans”; Said Annet Sánchez Escalona, ​​seamstress.

Daimi Cabrera, secretary general of the FMC in the municipality, and Belkis Torres, a member of the municipal secretariat of the CTC, presided over the activity Arelys Borroto, Party official.

Translation Midelsy Gonzáles Reyes

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